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Fall 2022 Editorial

Maybe you’ve been able to see it all along, so speaking strictly for myself, it’s now becoming clear how we got into the dangerous Ukraine mess we’re in—and even more so Europe, since they’ll be a hell of a lot colder and unemployed than we will.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the disassembling of the Soviet Union a couple years later, the U.S. declared victory in the Cold War—a nearly half-century of high anxiety and even higher profits for weapons manufacturers.

However, with war being the health of the state, another bogeyman was needed.

During the ’90s, after the exit of the Soviet Union and before the 9/11 attacks, the empire busied itself around the globe, but without the default bogeyman that had proven so useful since 1918, there were only B-list bogeymen available. Along came 9/11 and the Global War on Terror replaced the Commies—and not a day too soon, what with activists of every stripe joining to oppose U.S.-sponsored corporate schemes like the World Trade Organization.

After some 20 years of exporting our excess freedom and democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan (primarily via B-52 bombers), the GWOT boogeyman was starting to run out of gas. Embarrassingly and coincidentally, the U.S. also found itself sporadically working alongside the Ruskies in Syria and elsewhere against ISIS.

To be sure, there was the Obama/Hillary Clinton destruction of Libya and “Pivot to the Pacific” that kept the pot stirred and the military budgets secure, but for Americans, nothing seems quite as scary as Russia. The question was how to get it back on the “A” list?

Came 2016 and “Russiagate” to the rescue! Putin could replace Saddam Hussein as the latest Hitler. Those Commies never fight fair—and now they were trying to subvert our elections!

In that election year, Democrats did their best to tie Trump to Hitler … er … Putin and every “serious” politician, particularly in that party, had to declare their hatred, fueled by so-called liberal talking heads like Rachel Maddow and the cast of MSNBC. Few noticed, and those who did were ignored, that two years earlier, the Obama-Biden administration engineered a coup in Ukraine and began a costly program of refitting its military with the latest in weaponry and training, right on Russia’s border.

As I said at the outset, during this period of the “Adolph Putin” hate-fest, I noted its ferocity but it seemed somehow out of place, out of touch. I couldn’t discern the goal, but it was clear that Maddow, MSNBC, the Times, the Post, et al, were sowing the wind and Russiagate provided the seeds.

What I did understand quite clearly was that you can’t lead a nation into a terribly expensive and terribly dangerous war—even a proxy one—without repeatedly kicking in someone’s teeth and demonizing them in the 24/7 echo chamber that is the modern news media. Something evil was lurking.

My novice analysis ends here, but fortunately Ray McGovern and others with much better vision were watching events and calling out what was going on.  You can read for yourself what they perceived and why it mattered so much when their courageous observations were shunted to the sidelines.

Yes, we’ve been lied into another war and you can see below how it was done.

—Mike Ferner

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Mike Ferner served as a Navy hospital Corpsman during the American War in Vietnam. He is a past president of Veterans For Peace and is the senior editor of Peace & Planet News. He is the author of Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran for Peace Reports from Iraq.


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