Dedicated to Abolishing War, Establishing Justice, and Fighting Climate Disaster

Dedicated to Abolishing War, Establishing Justice, and Fighting Climate Disaster

by David Rothauser

I am the source of Americas’ Wars. Before and beyond, The Great War  all the way to Afghanistan,  beyond and before.  Call me by my rightful name. I am Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin….

No one can stop me… thousands try. Oh, how they try. They stand outside my windows day and night…their lips move in a surreal dance, crying out – words I cannot hear behind my soundproof, bulletproof windows.  They send bushels of petitions to the great white father in the great white house, urging, begging, demanding that I cease and desist,  while all the while I feast on their  names – their faceless names, the streets they live on I devour,   like the ravenous Goliath  I  so proudly am….

They beg me to save the world’s children while they turn a blind eye to the slaughter of their own – here in America — a daily barbecue of unbridled NRA  guns, guns, guns.

My brothers and sisters in the nuclear club share my legacy of nuclear destruction from 3-Mile Island to Chernoble, Bikini  Atoll, the Arctic Ocean.  Only I am the proud owner of Hiroshima – Nagasaki. None can match me to the tune of hundreds of thousands of lives taken by radiation poisoning.

I’m insatiable.

I stand alone. I know no flag, no God, no moral.

You voted to protect me.  You voted for Federal laws to protect ME!

I am the only business in America immunized from liability,  when crimes have been committed with my weapons of mass destruction.

My weapons are your national security.

My weapons are your wealth to the Moon and Mars.

My weapons make jobs for the hungry in America.

My weapons make humanitarian aid.

You protect me

You make me proud to be who I am.

I am the SOURCE of America’s wars.

I throw down the gauntlet

My Portals are open

I welcome you – step inside.  Track me down .  See me face-to-face. Talk to me.

Break the SOURCE if you dare.

Repeal the Laws you created to protect me…REPEAL THE FEDERAL LAWS YOU CREATED TO PROTECT ME!  REPEAL THEM!!

The choice is yours…if you dare.

You know my name; I am Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin…I am the Source of America’s wars…

All of them all the way to Afghanistan…before and beyond…

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